Rendering of The Depot, 

reconstructed for public use


  • Built pre-1870

  • ​Post and beam frame

  • 30' x 70' (2100 sq. ft.)

  • 16' x 20' office area

  • 30' clear span (other than office)

  • 90% original materials (excellent condition, kept dry)

  • Double the square footage by building on a finished basement


  • Entire post and beam frame

  • Timbers and joists for subfloor

  • Large percentage of original flooring

  • Interior walls, wainscoting and flooring for the office area

  • Original enamel lighting from office area

  • Most of the original doors and windows

  • All siding and most batten board and exterior trim

  • Original scales

  • Original roof system. All rafters and roof sheeting.

  • Most of original brackets to support overhang

  • Selection of original chimney bricks to use decoratively

  • Some sandstone from original foundation (pillars)

  • Miscellaneous artifacts found during disassembly process

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