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In a local auction, longtime Garrettsville resident, Dave Wensel purchased the former Erie Railroad Depot. The building, believed to be constructed before 1870, is 30' x 70' with a post and beam frame, and served as the railroad’s freight depot. Dave recruited family, friends and local craftsmen to help him disassemble the building in hopes of resurrecting this unique piece of history at another site. 

Garrettsville Freight Depot

Depot in 1980 at original site in Garrettsville, Ohio

In 2014 a devastating fire destroyed much of Garrettsville's historic downtown. Over the past few years, the community has banded together to help restore the charming town. Amidst the revival of the downtown area, Dave has become increasingly motivated to rebuild The Depot within the village of Garrettsville, returning the building to the vicinity of its original home. 

While we are in the process of researching grants and other avenues to help us reconstruct The Depot in Garrettsville, we know that we may not be able to secure the funding or resources to do so. Therefore, we are also welcoming offers from enthusiastic individuals or companies that are interested in purchasing this building in order to reconstruct it themselves. 

The Depot-Color-Corrected.jpg

Rendering of The Depot, reconstructed for public use

Dave has always envisioned using the building as a business or public space which will benefit the community and can be enjoyed by all. Once reconstructed, The Depot could serve as a retail co-op for artisans, a historical museum, a leasable event space, or many other types of venues.


This unique building is a captivating piece of history that we hope can be restored to its former glory and enjoyed for years to come. 

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